Aespa’s Karina Shares The Secret To Keeping Her Hair Perfectly Out Of Her Face While Dancing

Simple, but effective.

When aespa first debuted with “Black Mamba”, the dance was refreshingly powerful and many were impressed by the dance break. In particular, during the dance break, the girls rotate their heads and whip their hair around.

With such a rigorous move, it’s natural that one’s hair ends up all messy. However, the members soon realized that Karina‘s hair was never a strand out of place, even after she had finished the move. Winter lamented that for her, her hair always got stuck between her microphone and her face.

Karina shared that Winter had always asked her before a performance what everyone else was wondering. Just how did her hair not get messed up? How does her hair follow her head movements so cleanly?

Karina’s answer is simpler than you think. Simply, “just go ahead and turn it!” By putting your all into the move without fear, the strength will help carry your hair through the movement and away from your face.

Check out her cute advice below.