Aespa’s Karina Was Teased In Elementary For A Feature That She’s Now Heavily Praised For

They compared her to a specific animal.

Aespa‘s Karina is one of the top visuals of K-Pop’s fourth generation, with many saying she’s so beautiful that she even looks like an AI. But she wasn’t always praised for her beauty. In an episode of rapper Lee Youngji’s My Alcohol Diary, the “Spicy” singer reminisced on her childhood and revealed how she was teased for one of her features.

The topic was brought up when the rapper randomly remembered that netizens said Karina’s head is as small as a triangle formed from fingers. Confirming her suspicions, Youngji asked if she always had a small head.

  • Lee Youngji: It’s her face size. If I make a triangle with my fingers, then it’s your face size.
  • Karina: Who said that?
  • Lee Youngji: People from the internet. The internet was right. Were you born with a small head?

Karina confirmed it and explained that it runs in the family. However, she didn’t always like her face size. It became a complex of hers when she was teased in elementary school because of it.

  • Karina: My sister also has a small face.
  • Lee Youngji: So it’s genetics.
  • Karina: It was kind of a complex for my whole family. I got teased because I looked like a giraffe in elementary school.

Unfortunately, her classmates even compared her to a giraffe, furthering her insecurity about it.

Upon hearing that, Youngji felt angry on her behalf. She concluded that they probably only teased her because they were jealous. They may have gone home not liking what they saw in the mirror.

I can’t understand why they teased like that. ‘Hey, ay, ay, ah. Your neck is going to drop off if you get hit.’ And then I look at the mirror at home (sigh…)

— Youngji

And just like the rapper implied, there’s no doubt that Karina was pretty even as a child! She may have been teased because of her small face, but it is now one of the features that people praise her heavily for.

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Source: YouTube