Aespa’s Karina Has A Unique Way Of Opening Snacks, And It Might Become Your Newest Life Hack

Does anyone else relate to the way she opens snacks?

aespa broke down their favorite snacks with First We Feast, taking some trips down memory lane while enjoying the food.

Each of the girls shared two of their favorite snacks, and while some of them are internationally popular, like Giselle‘s Pepero, NingNing‘s Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or Winter‘s Honey Butter Chips, others are domestic favorites. Karina‘s two favorite snacks, in particular, are some of Korea’s hidden snack treasures.

The first snack Karina loves is BeBe, milk-flavored cookies that are marketed toward children. The reason why Karina loves BeBe is that it’s not very flavorful, allowing Karina to eat more of the cookies without getting sick of them. She’s eaten them ever since she was a kid and still hasn’t been able to move on from loving them.

Caramel Maple Corn is her other favorite, and it’s also her mom’s favorite snack, especially as an anju (snack you eat with alcohol).

Besides introducing MYs to her favorite snacks, Karina also taught MYs a new snack hack.

This way of opening snacks is incredibly convenient when relaxing at home since it’s harder to spill as the snack bag is lying flat. It also prevents any explosions from occurring, which often happens when you try to open snacks from the top of the packaging. Of course, if you open snacks Karina’s way, you’ll have to finish the entire bag in one go, but that’s something we all do anyways.

For more on the girls’ favorite snacks and their childhood memories, watch the video here: