Aespa Unanimously Chooses The Member Who Learns Choreographies Fastest And We Totally Agree

Can you take a guess?

Fans can agree that everyone in aespa is a capable dancer. The four-member group is always steady in the performance aspect when they go on stage. Given their hard-hitting songs, it’s a requirement that each one can hold their own in the dance department.

Aespa dancing to “Black Mamba” 

Karina is officially the group’s main dancer and it’s no surprise why. Her smooth dance line, sense of rhythm, and powerful moves never fail to make their mark.

At the same time, they also have another member who stands out for her dancing. In an interview with MTV Asia, aespa unanimously chose Winter as the one who learns choreographies the fastest. She was described as being “smart” when it comes to this.

I think it’s Winter. We all learn pretty quickly, but I think Winter is a little smarter than us.

— Ningning

Her attention to detail helps her understand and process each move in lightning speed. As a result, her dancing is not only fast but clean and complete.

Winter catches details very quickly. She observes and learns them fast.

— Giselle

Karina agreed, saying, “She catches on quickly.” This isn’t the first time she praised Winter for her dance skills. During aespa’s “Savage” showcase, she explained how she loves Winter’s popping moves as well.

Winter has an inner pop. I envy that.

— Karina

Check out the full video below to learn more about aespa.

Source: YouTube