6 Times That aespa’s NingNing Flaunted Her Harbin Roots By Being Immune To the Cold Weather

The cold never bothered her anyway.

Aespa’s NingNing recently gained attention for the way she didn’t seem to be affected by the cold at all. As the girls headed out of a broadcasting station on a chilly November day, the other members were all bundled up. Giselle wore a huge white teddy coat. On the other hand, NingNing stood out behind her in just a cropped top and cargo pants.

As Seoul was under a cold snap hitting negative degrees in that week, NingNing’s attire amused fans. MYs weren’t surprised though, for the star hails from Harbin, one of the coldest areas in the world. Take a look at 6 more times where the Harbin baby was immune to the cold.

1. Fit over function

This was during their early days of debut. NingNing gained attention not only for her luxurious Chanel bag, but also the thin clothing she was wearing. Despite the winter winds, she rocked short shorts and a blazer. The thick chain around her neck may look stylish, but it probably wasn’t doing much to keep her warm.

2. Chic in monochrome

NingNing is fond of flaunting her long legs, even in the winter. Who can blame her, with how gorgeous they are? She carried a small blanket and outerwear on her arm as she braved the chills in a hoodie and shorts.

3. Weather appropriate…or not?

NingNing rocked a fur jacket, finally soothing fans’ worries about her not dressing for the weather. She stayed true to her frosty Harbin roots by pairing it with a short skirt and a low-cut top.

4. Cut-outs galore

Giselle took on the pleasantly chilling spring weather in a leather jacket and long pants. NingNing was as cool as a cucumber in a cropped top and jeans with cut-outs.

5. Versace princess

One of the rare times she’s in a coat came with a sponsorship form Versace. She had to wear their unique croc coat! NingNing paired it with a micro mini and a mesh top.

6. Tweed, but make it cool

NingNing showed off her gams once again by pairing a tweed jacket with shorts.

We love how she never seems to feel the cold! Comparatively, her fellow members are always struggling against the winter weather. Karina stayed bundled up during the short walk from their car to the broadcasting station. Karina hails from Gyunggi-do in South Korea, just a little to the South of Seoul. She then moved to Seoul during high school to become a trainee and has lived there ever since.

Karina bundled up.

The weathers in Harbin only go up to 23 degrees Celsius (73F) even during their hottest month in July. That’s practically air-condition weather for the rest of us!


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