Aespa Once Said They Want To Fill Their Dorm With Animals And Well, It’s Coming True

Their pets are so cute!

The members of aespa have so many pets that fans are saying they’re building a zoo!

Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning. | @aespa_official/Twitter

They once said their dream is to have more animals than people in their home, and honestly, they’re getting really close!

Karina and Winter. | aespa/YouTube 

Back in June, Ningning adopted a tailless crested gecko. She named him DdongiDdong in Korean means poop, so yes, she named her pet Poopy.

Ningning and Ddongi.

Ningning often sends fans content of Ddongi but she’s even complained before that now all MYs want to see is updates about him!

Karina fed Ddongi while Ningning held him.

Karina also spends a lot of time with Ddongi. She once said that she and Ningning love just watching him!

Ddongi isn’t Ningning’s first pet though; she has a cat back at home in China named Roro! Roro is loved by MYs who all agree that Roro’s visuals are next level (pun intended).

Ningning’s cat, Roro.

Just recently, Giselle showed fans her dogs named Cooper and Lily!

Giselle and Cooper.

Her photo of Cooper had fans cracking up and saying he’s totally meme material.

And Lily had fans cooing over her adorable face!

Lily, Giselle’s dog.

Karina doesn’t have an animal companion; instead, she adopted a succulent! Its name is Ddunggeun, which is a shortened version of the Korean words that mean Chubby Carrot or Fat Carrot.

Karina’s succulent.

Karina said that she and Giselle thought the succulent looked like a chubby carrot, so that became its name!

Karina and Giselle. | @aespa_official/Twitter

Winter doesn’t have a pet in the dorms yet, but fans are hoping she can adopt one in the future! She’s an all-around animal lover who deserves her own pet companion. She once played around with a staff member’s dog and the vlog was just too cute!

Winter holding Ttang Kong, a staff member’s dog. | aespa/YouTube 

There’s no telling what pets aespa will bring into their home in the future — and considering Karina once said her favorite animals include a crocodile and a shark, anything is possible.

Karina’s TMI from 2020 where she listed “Dog-cat, tiger, crocodile, shark” as her favorite animals.
Source: aespa