Aespa’s Sydney Vlog Exposes The Group’s Expensive Habit

MYs hilariously noticed the group’s pattern.

aespa recently gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at their Sydney, Australia travels, and it was just as fun and chaotic as MYs would expect.

(From left to right) aespa’s Karina, Giselle, NingNing, and Winter | @aespa_official/Twitter

In November, aespa quietly traveled to Australia to reportedly film content for the group and a new music video, according to Korean news reports.

The group gave fans their first look into parts of their trip, sharing fun moments outside their schedule.

aespa in Sydney | @aespa_official/Twitter

aespa set off as a group to navigate the city, starting with a trip to a cafe. The team hit their first roadblock when they discovered the cafe didn’t sell Americanos.

While NingNing and Giselle decided to order bubble tea instead, Karina and Winter journeyed to find an Americano.

When Karina and Winter found a coffee shop next store, they ran into two new challenges: deciphering the menu and the fact that the coffee shop also didn’t have Americanos.

They decided on an easy order, an iced coffee, but still didn’t end up with what they intended to order when they received a frozen coffee drink instead.

There was at least one item aespa’s Winter received that she intended to purchase, and she shared the hilarious story about why she had to make the expensive purchase in the first place.

NingNing and Winter had split from the group at one point and found themselves shopping.

After NingNing purchased a trendy graphic shirt, Winter announced she needed to make another stop at the Apple store.

Winter explained that she thought she misplaced her AirPods in her manager’s car before aespa’s flight.

After landing in Sydney and getting a car to go to the group’s hotel, Winter got a notification on her phone that she had left her AirPods behind.

Looking at the location of her AirPods, which she hilariously named “French Fries” on her phone, she realized that the AirPods were not safe in her manager’s car in Korea but were left behind on the plane.

The group reconvened after Winter purchased her AirPods and couldn’t help laughing about her costly mistake.

After the vlog was released, fans noticed how frequently the group members lose their AirPods, jokingly commenting on aespa’s bad luck with the wireless earbuds.

It seems whenever a member loses their AirPods, they buy a new pair instead of searching for the one that’s lost, hilariously exposing their expensive habit.

Hopefully, “French Fries'” successor will have more luck remaining with Winter!

Check out the rest of part one of their Sydney vlog below!