Aespa’s Winter Had The Best Way To Shut Down The Haters Who Accuse The Group Of “Lip Syncing”

Winter channeled her inner “Savage!”

K-Pop stars are trained to be able to do it all. They have to sing, dance, and perform with their faces simultaneously. With so much to focus on, idols have been known to lip-sync to focus on the performance.

However, this has become less common recently, yet netizens still believe that most idols don’t sing live. One group that recently gained attention after finding the best way to shut down these rumors was aespa!

The members of aespa | @aespa_official/ Twitter

Aespa is full of talent, and the main vocalist NingNing and lead vocalist Winter have continuously gained attention for their flawless vocals. Like many other idols, the duo has received criticism or allegations that they do not sing live, especially due to their intense choreography.

Winter found the perfect way to prove the haters wrong and cement the fact that she does sing live! 

aespa’s Winter | @aespa_official/ Twitter

On January 9, the group appeared on SBS Inkigayo to perform their latest track, “Dreams Come True.” As expected, the members slayed with their outstanding talent, striking visuals, and out-of-this-world stage presence.


Being the lead vocalist, Winter has some amazing parts in the song. At one point, she makes her way to the front of the stage before the track ends to sing the line, “You gotta be mine.” Yet, just as Giselle finishes her part, Winter walks out but doesn’t say anything…

Yet, rather than Winter’s words still playing, which would mean that she does lip-sync, only the backing vocals could be heard. If that wasn’t enough, Winter did a small smirk at the camera as if she knew exactly what she was doing and, rather than forgetting her lyrics, she was proving the haters wrong.

After the performance, the clip went viral on social media, with fans praising Winter for having the best and sassiest way to shut down haters. In particular, they also voiced that it shows just how talented the members are.

Many also pointed out that it wasn’t the first time Winter has done this.

On the December 31 episode of MBC‘s Show Champion, they pointed out that Winter did a similar thing, but this time was saying something that wasn’t the lyrics. Although nothing came out of her microphone, her voice wasn’t heard on the backing track either.

| MBCkpop/ YouTube

Alongside this act, aespa has continuously proved netizens wrong by showcasing their stunning live vocals. In particular, when the group has won music shows, they have showcased their talent in the live encores that are flawless.

| MBCkpop/ YouTube

Netizens might still have their preconceptions about idols not singing live, but groups like aespa, ONEUS, and many more 4th generation groups are proving it is far from the truth.

You can watch the full performance below.

Source: SBS Kpop