Aespa’s Winter Is No Longer In Love With Her Short Hair—Here’s Why And What She Wants To Try Instead

It would suit her SO well 😍

K-Pop idols go through many hairstyles in their career. In aespa Winter‘s case, she is currently rocking a cute bob that suits her perfectly!

In a recent interview with MTV, Winter talked all about her hair and revealed that she isn’t crazy over it anymore, much to the surprise of her members.

The main reason her love is cooling down? She can’t try many hairstyles.

I had a drastic change with my short hair, right? But there’s a limited number of styles I can do with short hair. Because of this, my love for short hair has cooled down a little.

— Winter

Once her hair lengthens, she wants to dye it a beautiful platinum blonde color.

There’s this hairstyle I’ve been wanting to really try these days. I want to try long, platinum blonde hair.

— Winter

Like the ever supportive friend that she is, Giselle quipped, “I want to see it.” Winter told her to “stay tuned.”

She will definitely stun in that hair color!

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Source: YouTube