Pre-Debut Photos Of aespa’s Winter Went Viral Online And Her Cheeks Are Everything

From adorable to freaking goddess!

aespa is no stranger to making headlines! They have only been promoting for a couple years, but the four girls have taken over South Korea and the world with their concepts, songs, and personalities. Winter made headlines for her past photos showing off her adorable-ness.

| SM Entertainment

While she may not have blonde hair in these photos, her features are still there. She looked youthful with her cute cheeks and disheveled hair all the while making a cute pose.

| theqoo

Winter looks absolutely adorable in this photo! Her cute smile is loud and proud for all to see. Wearing her school uniform, she looks like a true school girl. Also, her cheeks are to die for! We just can’t get over how adorable she looks.

| theqoo

Her massive eyes were a focal point even when she was younger! Boasting natural double eyelids and a perfect nose line even at a young age, Winter proves to netizens that nothing’s changed.

| theqoo

Seriously, we love these chubby cheeks on young Winter! She looks extra young in this photo but one thing is for sure, her adorable cheeks and immaculate skin is the envy of everyone.

| theqoo

Yes, she may look a little different but who didn’t when they were younger? It may be hard to believe but stars weren’t always perfect. Winter proves that even our favorite stars go through glow-ups just like us and it’s normal to do so. But let’s be real, glow-up or not, Winter was adorable!

While she may have lost her cute cheeks and the youthful school girl look, we can all agree that Winter slays regardless.