After School: 11 Years Old But Only 1 Member Left

They haven’t officially disbanded.

After School is known as one of K-Pop’s most iconic female idol groups.

Debuting on January 17, 2009 with “Ah!”, the group consisted of multiple members throughout the years including Nana, Raina, Lizzy, Jungah, Bekah, Soyoung, E-YoungJooyeon, Uee, Kahi, and Kaeun.


They made their name in the industry as a group with catchy songs, unique concepts, model-like visuals, and well-rounded talent.


Many of the members even became top stars in Korea. Kahi is recognized as one of K-Pop’s best dancers…


…Kaeun made it far in Produce48…


…and Nana was even declared the most beautiful face of the decade.


To the ultimate disappointment of fans, however, After School as a group was mismanaged. Their last comeback was “First Love” released all the way back in 2013, with little to no activities as a group following this.


Members left the group slowly but surely over the years as their contracts ended.

After School’s Raina And Han Dong Geun Leave Pledis Entertainment


Lizzy stated in 2019 that the group disbanded. Pledis Entertainment, however, never released a statement supporting this, making After School an idle yet not-disbanded group.

As After School celebrates their 11th year in the industry, news was released that member E-Young officially left the company to begin her own.


This makes Nana, the sole artist of the group still in Pledis Entertainment, the last remaining member.


Their Wikipedia page confirmed this in the “members” listing.


Even the group’s Twitter account was redesigned to focus only on Nana.


Fans are upset that the mismanagement of the group came to this conclusion.


They wish that Pledis Entertainment would at least give an official disbandment news as the last form of respect to After School.