Former After School Member Jooyeon Stuns With Her Unchanging Visuals On “MMTG”

It’s been more than 10 years!

OG K-Pop fans get ready because After School is back, sort of! The girl group made a brief reunion for the YouTube channel, MMTG where 5 members of the former girl group came together to perform a few of their past hit songs. KahiJungahRaina, Jooyeon, and Bekah gathered together to put on a special reunion performance for all of their fans, as well as viewers of MMTG.

After School on “MMTG” | @kahi_korea/Instagram

The five former members of the girl group came together to perform “Bang!”…

and “Diva,” which may just be two of After School’s biggest hits.

And while they impressed with their unchanging stage presence, Jooyeon has been making headlines for her visuals! Jooyeon is one of the original members of After School, having made her debut with the group back in 2009. She participated in all of the group’s activities up until 2015, when she departed the group after her contract with Pledis Entertainment had expired.

Jooyeon during After School’s 2009 “Diva” promotions.

This means she was a part of the original promotions for both “Bang!” and “Diva,” which brought an instant wave of nostalgia over all After School fans. As everyone reminisced about the girl group’s past, netizens couldn’t help but be shocked over Jooyeon’s unchanging visuals, as they compared her visuals from the group’s original “Diva” promotions to the most current MMTG performance.

Here she is during one of the original performances of “Diva” back in 2009…

…and her most current performance for MMTG. Excuse me?! There is a difference of 12 years in between these two clips and yet, Jooyeon looks the same!

Netizens quickly noticed the unchanging visuals and had a lot to say about Jooyeon’s unending beauty.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, Jooyeon is really beautiful…”
  • “She somehow got younger.”
  • “I’m the only one that’s aging…”
  • “I guess I’m just getting old by myself..”
  • “She was pretty back then, but she’s more lovely now.”
  • “This unnie is so pretty.”
  • “This is crazy…omg so freaking pretty.”
  • “She’s so pretty.”
  • “She’s truly so pretty and lovely.”
| @MMTG/YouTube

We would have to agree with netizens on this one, she hasn’t changed a bit! You can check out the exciting reunion stage of After School down below!

Source: Insight