Agency CEO Arrested For Repeatedly Sending Female Trainees To Sex Sponsors

A CEO of an unnamed agency has been arrested once again for brokering his agency’s female trainees.

Supreme Court Justice Kwon Soo Il sentenced CEO Kang to 20 months in prison and fined him ₩20 million KRW ($17,785 USD) after indicting him on charges of prostitution. In a previous trial, he was sentenced to 18 months and fined ₩15 million KRW ($13,339 USD) but the discovery of new evidence led to a harsher sentence.

Just 2 months after he was released from prison for an earlier prostitution charge, he will be heading back to the cell. He was arrested and sentenced to prison for brokering 4 of his female trainees to a wealthy Korean businessman in Los Angeles between February and May 2015. He was also accused of arranging for the prostitution of Ms. Choi in July 2015.

Celebrity sex sponsors continue to be widespread throughout the Korean entertainment industry. The truth about the intricacy of these celebrity sponsor contracts was revealed, showing just how meticulous this dark side of the industry is.

Source: The Fact