Agency Forced To Respond After Gossip Runs Wild Of Namjoo’s Plastic Surgery

Plan A Entertainment’s response actually had many fans satisfied!

Apink attended the 2018 KOAFEC Ceremony and fans couldn’t help but notice something was different about Namjoo. Gossip about her receiving plastic surgery spread fast, leading Apink’s agency to officially respond.


When press photos and videos of Namjoo’s appearance at the ceremony went public, they stirred up a heated discussion about Namjoo’s facial features and the possibility of her having undergone plastic surgery.


Here is a comparison of how Namjoo used to look during Apink’s earlier promotions versus how she looked at the ceremony.


Upon seeing Namjoo’s changed look, some netizens reacted with harsh criticism about her possible plastic surgery outcome.

  • “Wow… Namjoo’s trying to hide her face. Other members don’t look happy either… They’re all forcing themselves to smile, I can see it… Geez.”

  • “I’m an Apink fan and this breaks my heart. Namjoo’s beautiful without plastic surgery! Stupid agency… I think she got her nose and lips done.”

  • “Namjoo probably got just her nose done. But it looks like she had a lot of stuff done…”


A majority of the reactions stated Namjoo is now unrecognizable.


Meanwhile, in response to this controversy, Plan A Entertainment stated, “We have nothing to say about it.” 

Fans have shown appreciation for the agency’s response, and supported Namjoo claiming that plastic surgery is her decision and right.

  • “Literally, why does this even matter. It’s her choice.”

  • “I’m sorry, did Namjoo asked to be evaluated? Stop judging people by their looks.”

  • “I can’t believe this is the issue of the nation right now, that it’s #1 on search keywords. Do people not have anything better to do…?”

  • “Her face, her choice. She’s beautiful how she chooses to be.”


Regardless, Apink will return with new music on April 19, releasing their yearly anniversary fan-song.

Source: Instiz