Ahn Bo Hyun Offers Fans A Sure Way To Potentially Marrying Him

“I’m not the type to fall for someone at first sight.”

In a recent interview with GQ Korea, Ahn Bo Hyun answered personal questions, one of which was something many fans have been wondering.

How does one marry Ahn Bo Hyun?

It turns out, many fans have been asking how one can marry Ahn Bo Hyun in various online portals.

And Ahn Bo Hyun offered an honest answer.

Since the question is so nice, I want to answer it nicely, too. But I’m not the type to fall for someone at first sight. In the past, I’d spend time with someoen and grow fond of them over time.

– Ahn Bo Hyun

So here’s Ahn Bo Hyun’s solution.

I think you can marry me if you stay close to me.

– Ahn Bo Hyun

In other words, the more time you spend with Ahn Bo Hyun, the higher your chances.

Ahn Bo Hyun explained,

My stylist is always with me and so is my manager. Come get a job at my company. There are many vacant positions.

– Ahn Bo Hyun

In response to the very realistic solution, fans are leaving comments such as “I’m going to update my resume right now“, “Wait for me, Oppa“, and “I’m coming!

Check out the full interview below for more:

Source: Insight