Ahn Bo Hyun Modestly Explains That He’s Actually Not That Good-Looking

Ahn Bo Hyun explained what he thinks of his own visuals.

The Fact recently conducted an interview with the Itaewon Class star, Ahn Bo Hyun where he made the shocking claim that he’s not that good-looking.

During the interview, Ahn Bo Hyun was asked all sorts of questions pertaining to his stardom and his role in the popular drama, Itaewon Class.

But when he was asked, “Why are you so handsome?” he came back with an answer that was unexpectedly modest.

Ahn Bo Hyun hesitated for a moment before answering, “I’m not handsome. But I guess you could say my features established a type of harmony on my face.

He continued, “There are so many handsome people out there, that I think what I have is more like a variety of charms.

Ahn Bo Hyun also explained that when he was little, he was afraid of growing too tall, so he sandbags in his pockets and jumped from high places in order to stop growing.

Ahn Bo Hyun is taller than the average actor at 187 centimeters (6 foot 1 inch).

Fans who watched the interview expressed their shock with comments such as “That’s actually so ridiculous“, “If he’s not handsome, who is?“, and “I don’t think Bo Hyun Hyung has a mirror“.

Following his showstopping appearance in Itaewon Class, Ahn Bo Hyun is set to make everybody fall in love with his true character in MBC’s I Live Alone.

More of Ahn Bo Hyun’s “not-so-handsome” (???) face?

Yes, please!

Source: Insight