Famous Tattooist Suffers Major Backlash from Some ARMYs for Snagging a BTS Concert Ticket

Ahn Linna snagged a ticket for BTS’s concert, but some ARMYs are not happy about it.

A famous tattoo artist named Ahn Linna recently announced that she won a ticket for BTS‘s independent concert, but she was soon faced with countless malicious comments from some ARMYs.

The reason for the backlash is because some ARMYs don’t think it’s fair that she got a ticket even though she’s not a “true fan”.

People, it’s not just that child YouTuber that won a ticket. A tattooist named Ahn Linna got one, too. When I asked her if she even knew the fan chant, she deleted my comment… I can’t stand to see muggles goign to the concert. How could someone who has never mentioned BTS before win a ticket…?

Not long before this incident, a child YouTube account called Ganni and Ninni was also criticized for winning BTS concert tickets despite not being fans. They later announced a hiatus in order to recover from the hurt that was caused by malicious comments.

And tattooist Ahn Linna is suffering the same kind of comments.

Fans predicted to be ARMYs are leaving comments such as “Cancel your ticket if you have a conscience. Not even real ARMYs can go, so I can’t stand to see a muggle going instead. Do you even have an ARMY BOMB? I hope you’re not just doing this for views” and “Do you know the chant? Do you know the members’ birthdays? I don’t know if you actually like them or if you’re just going for the heck of it. You’ve never mentioned BTS before. If you go, at least learn the chant.

On the other hand, other ARMYs are coming to the tattooist’s defense by adding comments such as “That’s cyberbullying“, “She just wants to enjoy a concert“, and “This is too mean. Stop it“.

Source: Insight