Person Behind AI Influencer Rozy’s Commercial Dancing Revealed To Be A Model

She was also Brave Girls’ backup dancer.

Insurance company, Shinhan Life recently released a unique commercial for their brand featuring an artificial intelligence (AI) model. The AI model, who goes by the name of Oh Rozy has taken the world by storm due to her human-like abilities.

AI influencer, Oh Rozy | Shinhan Life

Rozy is labelled as South Korea’s first virtual influencer and has amassed almost 48,000 followers on Instagram. She was created by Sidus Studio-X and has been branded as “the only one” by the company. As a play on words from her name, Oh Rozy means “one and only” in Korean.

As Rozy makes headlines for her life as the nation’s first ever AI influencer, her human counterpart responsible for her dance moves in the commercial is also garnering attention.

Rozy in Shinhan Life’s commercial.

Kang Da Hee is a model and a dancer who recently promoted as a backup dancer for Brave Girls‘ “Chi Mat Ba Ram.” It was revealed that the model is the person responsible for Rozy’s dancing that viewers see in Shinhan Life’s commercial. If that weren’t impressive enough, it was further revealed that the choreography in the commercial was created by the model herself.

Kang Da Hee | @diakang__/Instagram

Following the reveal of Rozy’s human counterpart, netizens were quick to compare the AI’s visuals to the model’s — with a majority of them agreeing that Kang Da Hee’s was far superior to that of Rozy. Comments, such as “the real dancer is much prettier”“the dancer is way prettier” and “the dancer is better” began to take over the comment section of online communities.

| @diakang__/Instagram

You can watch the viral Shinhan Life commercial featuring AI influencer, Rozy down below.

Source: WikiTree