Airport Security Tells Red Velvet Seulgi To Take Off Her Face Mask

Seulgi even managed to make airport security look glamorous when she was asked to remove her mask and hat.

Airport security in Hong Kong ordered Red Velvet‘s Seulgi to take her mask and hat off before they would let her through.


They needed to match her face to her passport picture so they gestured for her to remove her mask and she, of course, complied.

It’s not easy to look this beautiful while going through airport security.


She then lifted her hat up to expose her forehead.


It’s something countless people have to do everyday when going through airport security, but not many manage to look so pretty doing it!


Netizens have been commenting on how beautiful and cute she looked as she complied with security staff.

  • Wow, so pretty!
  • Really beautiful!
  • I keep watching it over and over…
  • Seriously, so pretty!
  • So cute!


Airport security has never looked quite so good!

Source: INSTIZ

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