AKMU’s Chanhyuk Just Unfollowed His Own Sister, Suhyun And Fans Are Calling This Peak Sibling Energy

Relatable, if you have a sibling!

As one of the few active sibling celebrity duos in K-Pop, many have praised AKMU for their amazing chemistry on and off stage. In a hilarious moment that fans are dubbing as “peak sibling energy“, older brother Chanhyuk had unfollowed his younger sister, Suhyun just recently.


However, it was noted that Suhyun was still following her older brother. Currently Suhyun only follows three accounts – her personal YouTube, their family puppy and Chanhyuk.

Even so, Chanhyuk still made sure to promote his younger sister’s latest solo singles on his social media. This led to fans joking that the siblings had a little argument, as many siblings commonly do.

Korean netizens found the situation entertaining and started casting jokes regarding the siblings’ moment.

| theqoo
  • “Ah so funny kekekekeke”
  • “There’s still people who are putting out rumors that the two live together. If you have the time to do that, just go prep for your PPTs”
  • “Ah…finally”
  • “There’s that rumour going around is it? That they’re siblings”
  • “I knew it…they looked hostile with each other whenever I saw them.” (sarcasm)
  • “It’s more amazing that they followed each other all the while before this keke”
  • “Heol, don’t tell me the members have discord amongst each other? The rumors were crazy.”
  • “There was also the rumour that they shared the same DNA!”

The comments are calling this the only group discord that is acceptable in the K-Pop industry! The two are siblings are known to take jabs at each other frequently on air. Check out their friendly squabble on a variety show below!

Source: theqoo