AKMU’s Chanhyuk Flaunts Upgraded Visuals with a Whole New Hairdo

Meanwhile, Suhyun is calling him “Malfoy”.

AKMU recently performed at the 2019 SOMEDAY THEATRE PLEROMA at the COEX, and Chanhyuk drew all the attention with his upgraded visuals.


Chanhyuk appeared with light blonde hair that was cut short and swept to the back, and it took his look to a whole new level.


This look isn’t something that can be pulled off by anybody, but it suited Chanhyuk so perfectly that he appeared more handsome than ever before.


Chanhyuk must have liked his look, too, because he uploaded a series of selfies on his official Instagram right after the performance.

Chanhyuk captioned the photos, “My condition is great today“, and Suhyun commented, “Be quiet, Malfoy.

In response to Suhyun’s comparison of Chanhyuk’s new do to Draco Malfoy, fans left comments such as “That hairdo looks really good on him“, “It’s so funny that she called him Malfoy“, and “They’re siblings for sure“.

Source: Insight