AKMU Explains Why They Don’t Regret Going to Mongolia and Being Homeschooled

AKMU has very mature views of the past.

AKMU recently appeared in the documentary series, Human Documentary People is Good where they opened up about their journey to stardom.

Among many revelations, what drew particular attention was the reason why they were homeschooled back in Mongolia.

Lee Chanhyuk explained that they followed their missionary parents to Mongolia but that he doesn’t regret it at all despite some hardships they endured.

When we said we were going to Mongolia, everyone said we would have a hard time. And while we were there, we got a lot of sympathy from people. But in the end, if we hadn’t gone to Mongolia, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

– Lee Chanhyuk

Lee Chanhyuk also confessed that they were homeschooled because they didn’t have enough money to go to a formal school.

But Lee Chanhyuk calmly added that he doesn’t regret being homeschooled either.

After all, if we weren’t homeschooled, our musical talents never would’ve been discovered.

– Lee Chanhyuk

It wasn’t an easy ride for these two artists, but it’s good to know they’ve succeeded and are now making amazing music for their fans all around the world.

Source: Insight