AKMU’s Suhyun Found Out What Her Brother Really Thought Of Her Acting In WINNER’s “Hold”

As Suhyun’s real big brother, Chanhyuk had some things to say:

After having an absolute blast playing WINNER‘s little sister in their “Hold” MV,  AKMU‘s Suhyun was curious to find out what her real brother thought of her acting skills by having him react to the video in her latest vlog!

In “Hold”, Suhyun has to put up with her four childish brothers (played by WINNER) who not only teased her constantly for messaging a guy but also did everything they could to chase away her potential suitors.

Having plenty of younger sister experience, Suhyun knew that the role was an absolutely perfect fit for her and in her recent vlog, she decided to find out whether or not her brother Chanhyuk agreed!

Finding out what Chanhyuk really thought, however, was easier said than done. As Suhyun booted up the video she excitedly broke down what was happening in the video…only to get a “yeah” or two from her brother!

But soon enough Suhyun had her brother talking when she hilariously pointed out the parallels between the brother character played by Hoony in the MV and Chanhyuk!

Or maybe bickering would be the right word!

With the first shots fired in the hilarious sibling squabble, Chanhyuk didn’t hold back his sassy reaction to the “not-a-kiss-scene” moment while mercilessly teasing his sister!

Is that what brothers would normally do? I don’t think so. At least not in real life!

— Chanhyuk

When it came time for Suhyun’s dramatic exit in the MV, however, neither Suhyun nor Chanhyuk knew exactly what to say…

That is until Chanhyuk was ready to give his overall impression of Suhyun’s acting, or according to him, her non-acting!

I mean… You weren’t acting at all because that’s how you behave.

— Chanhyuk

But even if Chanhyuk teased that he wasn’t convinced Suhyun was really acting in her role as the little sister, he made sure to give her a bit of brotherly love too by complimenting her girlfriend role!

I am proud of you. You did a very good job of being his girlfriend in the MV.

— Chanhyuk

With plenty more teasing, bickering, and everything else siblings everywhere can relate to, make sure you check out their full reaction and more in Suhyun’s vlog: