AKMU’s Suhyun Showed Everyone How True Siblings Touch Each Other

Real-life siblings in action.

AKMU‘s Suhyun recently shared 2 photos of herself with her brother, Chanhyuk along with the caption, “Oppa, don’t be sick. Be careful of the cold, everyone.

The shared photos show Chankyuk laying back on a sofa while wearing a black padded jacket.

At just a glance, the photos show Suhyun’s worry about her dear brother.


But if you look closely, the way Suhyun pats her brother is way too relatable for siblings everywhere.

She was patting her brother on the shoulder for comfort, but it can be seen that she made sure she didn’t actually make contact.

Furthermore, she added a playful touch by hashtagging her brother’s nostrils.

Fans who saw the post responded with comments such as “Get better soon, Chanhyuk“, “Her worry is adorable“, and “They’re real-life siblings for sure“.

Source: Insight