AKMU’s Suhyun Personally Can’t Get Over How Cute She Looks With Her Weight Gain 

She’s not ready to diet yet!

AKMU‘s Suhyun is making headlines for her adorable confession regarding her weight.

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On the most recent episode of JTBC‘s reality show Nice Alone, the AKMU siblings cracked up viewers as per usual with their humor. On this particular episode, Suhyun and her brother Chanhyuk discussed what they did the night before during their car ride.

AKMU’s Suhyun (left), Chanhyuk (right) | JTBC

Chanhyuk: “How long were you at the company yesterday?”
Suhyun: “I was talking to mom so I think I went home around 1. We only talked about weight. She was curious about what I have been eating that has been making my face so round these days.”

As the AKMU member discussed her weight gain, the producers of Nice Alone immediately offered before and after photos to show the panel of the variety program.

Caption: “First episode, before she moved out” (left), “10th episode, 9 weeks after she moved out” (right) | JTBC

I did gain a bit of weight. If you compare myself from the first episode to now, you can definitely tell.

— Suhyun

While weight gain may be viewed negatively by most, Suhyun hilariously shared that she wasn’t phased by it at all.


I think my narcissism is too high. I want to begin my diet once I gain so much weight that I don’t want to look at myself. However, when I look at myself now in the mirror, I think I’m cute.

— Suhyun

The adorable AKMU member also confessed that she can only blame herself and her cooking for her recent weight gain.


After living on my own, I gained a lot of weight. I thought that if I cooked for myself, I wouldn’t gain weight. However, I think the problem is that I’m too good at cooking. I didn’t realize I’d be that good at cooking.

— Suhyun

As she poured out her weight gain story to her brother, Suhyun became noticeably irritated when Chanhyuk didn’t show any type of response.


Suhyun: “Why aren’t you saying anything. That’s really annoying.”
Chanhyuk: “Don’t ever expect a response from me.”

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What a dynamic duo! You can watch them every Monday in new Nice Alone episodes.

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