Here’s The Alcohol So Strong Jeon Somi Issued BLACKPINK’s Lisa A Surprising Warning

You’ll want to take it slow when drinking that one 😂

Every so often, the members of BLACKPINK like to knock back a drink or two and create hilarious memories. There might be one drink she should watch out for, though!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently appeared as a guest on Jeon Somi‘s show I Am Somi where Somi recounted the surprising story of how she practically forgot who her parents were.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

As Somi gifted Lisa a bottle of her own homemade makgeolli (Korean rice wine), she remembered a funny situation. Somi’s home-made brew had a higher alcohol percentage than typical store-bought makgeolli, because she made it the traditional way, but its unusual strength led to a surprising outcome…

Somi recalled, “I did not recognize my mom and dad after drinking this.

Considering the many bottles Somi gifted to Lisa for the rest of the BLACKPINK members, they might want to take it slow in order to avoid unexpected outcomes of their own!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Watch Somi share the relatable and funny memory with Lisa below: