AleXa Impresses Fans With Incredible Stamina… By Dancing Upside Down

She’s the queen of multitasking!

Solo artist AleXa is proving she has the stamina to nail even the most intense performances. She’s flexing on all of us with her workout routine!

AleXa | @AleXa_ZB/Twitter

AleXa recently took the stage on American Song Contest, with her song “Wonderland.” This new show, America’s take on Eurovision Song Contest, has AleXa representing her home state of Oklahoma.

AleXa’s performance was captivating, with intense choreography and high energy. Now, she’s showing off just how she manages that incredible stamina.

In a recently posted TikTok video, AleXa showed herself in the gym. In the video she does upside down sit-ups to “Wonderland.” She even does the arm choreography while tackling this feat.


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♬ Wonderland (From “American Song Contest”) – AleXa

The comments were full of praise for the difficulty of this task.

| TikTok

Fans were even more blown away when AleXa posted another video. This time, she completes the arm movements while running, quite fast, on a treadmill.


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♬ Wonderland (From “American Song Contest”) – AleXa

Even watching this had some fans concerned…

| TikTok

She’s totally a force to be reckoned with.

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