AleXa And LE SSERAFIM’s Huh Yunjin Were Friends Before They Even Became K-Pop Trainees

“Way before either of us became trainees, she actually…”

Although AleXa took fans by surprise when revealing her friendship with LE SSERAFIM‘s Huh Yunjin, she revealed how the two K-Pop stars became friends long before they became trainees.

AleXa | @AleXa_ZB/Twitter

Like many interactions online, Huh Yunjin and AleXa’s friendship hilariously began in the Instagram DMs.

Huh Yunjin | @IM_LESSERAFIM/Twitter

During an Instagram live, AleXa revealed they first interacted when she was just a K-Pop fan posting dance covers. She said, “Fun fact. Way before either of us became trainees, she actually used to follow me on my old Instagram.

Wanting to become friends, Huh Yunjin and AleXa began to message each other. AleXa said, “And we spoke via DM a few times that way.” Little did they know, they would be meeting each other in Korea.

AleXa and Huh Yunjin met as contestants on the survival show Produce 48. AleXa remembered being surprised because Huh Yunjin recognized her immediately, picking up their friendship where it left off.

So when she saw me on the show, she was like, ‘Alex!’ And I’m like, ‘Hello?’ And she’s like, ‘I used to follow you on Instagram.’

— AleXa

Since then, AleXa says they “still keep in contact right now.” She also shared how friendly and kind Huh Yunjin is.

I do love Yunjin. She’s very sweet.

— AleXa

Since AleXa was quick to congratulate Huh Yunjin on her debut years after Produce 48 ended and did a dance cover of “FEARLESS”, their friendship is still going strong. Who doesn’t like supportive close friends?

Source: Twitter