All-Male High School Class Is Going Viral In Korea With Their “Produce 101” Graduation Photo

One of the most successful competition shows this year in terms of finding the next hit idol group was undoubtedly Produce 101, and it has left an impression on thousands of fans. Cheering on their favorite female trainee and voting every week, the Top 11 was finally chosen to create the temporary 1-year group I.O.I.

Posted on an online community board, netizens are in a fit of giggles after a photo of a male high school class taking their graduation photo was published. Identified to be a class from Uijeongbu High School, the 11 students cosplay as the trainee contestants from Produce 101, posing in a V-form with arms pointed up.

Netizens left comments of laughter as well as wonder as they asked, “Where did they get their costumes?” “The clothes are great,” and “This looks like an audition.”

Meanwhile, I.O.I concluded their first round of promotions with “Dream Girls,” and a sub-unit is expected to be making a comeback later this month.

Watch a performance of “Dream Girls” by I.O.I on Mnet M! Countdown!

Source: Instiz