“Allzzang Generation” Ji Yoon Mi Offers Controversial Explanation for Why She Used Her Phone While Driving

She was driving with one hand while looking at her phone.

Ji Yoon Mi, who is a former Allzzang Generation cast member as well as a model, has recently faced controversy for using her phone while driving.

Ji Yoon Mi recently shared a video on her Instagram account along with the caption, “Ah, I like the song, and it felt nice driving in the rain.

In the shared video, Ji Yoon Mi could be seen grooving along to the song while driving with a phone in her hand.

In response, fans criticized Ji Yoon Mi and warned her that she shouldn’t use her phone while driving.

You shouldn’t use your phone while driving.

– Netizen

And when Ji Yoon Mi saw the comment, she offered an explanation for her actions.

I was using the navigation on my phone. Besides, this was in Namyangju, so there were no cars in front of me.

– Ji Yoon Mi


She went on to explain what that wasn’t her phone and revealed details behind the situation.

I usually put a phone grip on the back of my phone and use it for navigation. But this wasn’t my phone, so there was no phone grip. The distance in front of me and behind me is so wide that I feel uncomfortable and feel it’s more dangerous when I put my phone on a holder.

– Ji Yoon Mi

But another netizen continued to criticize the model and claimed that it didn’t matter if there were cars or not.

You’re driving with one hand. Why does it matter if there were cars in front of you or not?

– Netizen


And Ji Yoon Mi responded to this comment with an apology.

It does matter. I was driving at low speed on a road with almost no cars. It might not look like it in the video, but I was driving safely. I’m sorry if this caused you discomfort.

– Ji Yoon Mi

When the criticism didn’t die down, Ji Yoon Mi ultimately took down the video and turned her Instagram account to private.

Source: Insight