The Almighty BTS’s Jungkook Realized His Power Over ARMY At Their Recent Concert

Who needs Iron Man when you have Jungkook?

During the final United States Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour stop, Jungkook was able to learn something new about himself.

While speaking with the audience, he decided to try something new. He gave them one simple order regarding their lightsticks, “ARMY Bomb down.”

ARMY immediately followed his instruction, making the stadium dark without the light from their lightsticks. Jungkook was amazed by the display and stated, “My power.”

Then, RM interjected and had everyone raise their lightsticks back up.

BTS has accomplished many feats as a group but something so simple was able to give Jungkook joy and remind him how powerful he really is. He can even compete with his favorite hero Iron Man now.