The Amazing Transformation Of BTS’s “Stay Gold” MV Set

Who else thought it was all CGI? 🙋

BTS recently released the stunning music video for their song “Stay Gold” and many viewers were under the impression that the director made heavy use of CGI. As it turns out, the set was actually built from scratch!

From cardboard boxes to a field of flowers, BTS’s music video was a result of the staff’s hard work and creativity. Check it out below!

BTS – Stay Gold MV

The set started off with piles of wood and cardboard that had to be assembled into place.

The staff members managed to make it look like a piece of barren land. They then set up a tree…

…and they started to add patches of grass and flowers.

Beautiful white leaves were added to the tree.

More and more grass and flowers were set in place.

Finally, the painstaking process was completed!

The members could then film their scenes for the music video with a beautiful backdrop behind them.

The end result was absolutely breathtaking!

If you have yet to watch the full music video for “Stay Gold”, you can view it below!

Source: Nate