American Paparazzi Scream Rude Insults At BTS… Their Response Is Perfect

A recent publication by Vogue highlighted how BTS handled viral fame on a detailed post about their American promotions last year.

It specifically talked about their shoot with the magazine in Los Angeles where they were met with an aggressive paparazzo that ambushed the private event.

Big Hit Staff Become Furious After US Paparazzi Crashes BTS Photoshoot 

Vogue clarified that there was a signed agreement that BTS was only scheduled for a private photoshoot. Details about their schedule were leaked online, however, which caused misinformation to spread among fans that there was going to be a meet and greet.

“Our bus pulls up to see at least three camera crews, including ABC News and TMZ, and a crowd of fans waiting; the shoot is no longer possible. To stick to schedule, the team is forced to move a few blocks away to continue.

Eventually, a few cameramen find the new location; one particularly aggressive man begins screaming about his rights to a bodyguard (the guard, not understanding English, is quite literally unmoved). Shooting is forced to wrap, and the boys step back onto the bus.”

— Vogue 

After the incident was over it was BTS’s humble response to the paparazzi that caught Vogue’s attention.

According to Vogue, the paparazzo screamed, “You’re going to lose all your American fans before you even get here.”  The members, confused by the incident, laughed as soon as the statement was translated for them.

J-Hope smiled and said, “Tell him, ‘Thank you for worrying about us!” Jungkook added, “Yeah, thank you so much!” 

Despite the paparazzi incident, however, BTS, Vogue, and their team managed to continue their shoot elsewhere, resulting in these awesome photos!

Source: Vogue