Insecure About Your Angular Jaw? It’s A New Standard Of Beauty In South Korea And Here’s Why

It’s called “the jaw of royalty”.

Back in the day, the ideal standard for beauty in South Korea was very narrow. Pale skin, cherry-like lips, an “egg-shaped” face with a vline, double-eyelids and an upturned but high nose. As time passes, their standard of beauty has widened since and they are embracing a variety of facial features as beautiful. One such standard of beauty that underwent a huge change was the idea of a slim jawline. While a smooth and round jawline used to be the ideal like this…

Red Velvet‘s Wendy, who is gorgeous no matter what. | Fantasy Blue

…a more angular jawline is also considered to be beautiful! Make no mistakes, both types of jawlines are gorgeous and are also both widely coveted in South Korea. The reception for an angular jawline has increased in recent years, mainly due to the trend known as “the jaw of royalty”. It was believed that royals often had angular jawlines as it made one look more statute and calm, elegant and poised, while giving off the impression of authority and power.

One such example for males is actor Yeo Jin Goo. He is blessed with carved cheekbones as well, which go very well with the strong jawline. No wonder he keeps playing princely roles in sageuks!

NCT‘s Taeyong gives off more delicate vibes with his pale skin and small bone structure. Being on the slim side also softens his look, although the angular jawline is still present. He’s indeed an all-rounded prince of K-Pop!

Last but not least, we have EXO‘s Kai. Kai’s face overall is very angular. Not only is his jaw angular, the line from his forehead to his nose bridge is also angled thanks to his prominent brow bone. This gives him a sexy and mature aura.

For females, the representative of “the jaw of royalty” is DIA‘s Jung Chaeyeon. She is the most mentioned in South Korea regarding the trend. The perfect balance between her jaw, eyes and nose make it such that she looks very feminine despite the angular jaw.

We’ve picked BLACKPINK‘s Jennie as an example for a special reason. Jennie may have the angular L-shaped jaw but she also has the most adorable cheeks! Compared to Jung Chaeyeon, Jennie’s lower face is also shorter, making her “jaw of the royalty” less obvious.

This results in very different images between Jung Chaeyeon and Jennie despite the similar angular jaw.

Jennie’s cheek fats soften the angular jaw and make her look more youthful. It’s definitely still there though!

Regardless of jaw shape, we’d like to send out a reminder to everyone that you’re beautiful just the way you are! Perhaps it might take a celebrity or two with a similar feature to convince you so, but never let insecurities dull your shine!