An Announcer Gets Attention For Looking Like Lovelyz’s Sujeong And IZ*ONE’s Minjoo Combined

See for yourself!

IZ*ONE‘s Minjoo has been capturing hearts ever since pre-debut when she appeared on K-Pop Star. Her appearance on Produce 101 stirred up much attention and she’s been cemented as a visual ever since. Her trademark cheeks and huge eyes endear her to many.

On the other hand, Lovelyz‘s Sujeong stuns the crowd with her flawless, pale skin and cherry lips. Her lovely smile cheers up anyone that sees it. She also made a solo debut that rocked the public.

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An announcer that goes by the name of Yoon Su Bin has been getting attention lately. She currently handles broadcasts for League of Legends games. Born in 1994, many fans have been claiming she looks like a mixture of IZ*ONE’s Minjoo and Lovelyz’s Sujeong!

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While her overall faceshape and eyes look like Minjoo, her smile is undeniably like Sujeong’s.

| @forest.y_u/Instagram

Netizens claim that the way she smiles with her eyes also invoke a little bit of how Minjoo laughs.



Well one thing’s for sure, she is a beauty through and through!


Source: theqoo