If There’s Anything Cute Enough To Rival BTS V & RM’s “Anpanman” Chemistry, It’s This Jimin & RM Moment

It’s the mini-moni combo.

BTS‘s V and RM have an entire hashtag to themselves, #VMON, that was really fueled by their cute interactions during their “Anpanman” performances throughout the world tour.

This New Ending Of “Anpanman” By BTS’s RM And V Is Everything ARMYs Needed


When the group performs “Anpanman”, fans know and look forward to more cutesy interactions between V and RM. It was at the Shizuoka, Japan concert, however, when Jimin stepped up to the game and did something so adorable that could easily rival the chemistry that V and RM share!


RM was lying on his side, calendar model style, on the blowup stage set as the group went on about performing the song.


Jimin, sitting right beside RM, was also having fun groovin’ out to the music.


Then, Jimin pretended to take a bite out of RM’s head – like an “anpan” – and RM seemed completely calm to the idea.


This interaction is now a new ARMY favorite in their collection of “Anpanman” moments!


Fans aren’t too surprised about the fact that it is Jimin who began to rival the VMON chemistry though, considering the amount of love Jimin usually has for RM.


Here’s Jimin taking complete advantage of RM…


… and being pretty much RM’s cat.


Could Mini-Moni be the next VMON to look out for in “Anpanman” performances? Possibly. One thing for sure is that ARMYs absolutely adore all member-to-member interactions and this Mini-Moni moment is too precious to go unnoticed!