AOA Members Completely Changed The Game Of Birthday Candles With Their Crazy Ideas

The evolution of AOA’s birthday candle shenanigans.

AOA may be known for many of their talents and charms, but they’ve set an all new creative playing field when it comes to birthday candles!

It all started when the girls got Yuna a birthday cake but bent the candles into weird angles, because… well, just because they’re AOA!

The game soon leveled up when Jimin later celebrated her birthday at a fan meeting, and the girls got her a cake with unique candles featuring smiley faces that resemble Jimin’s adorable smiles.

But the real fun and games started the following year when Yuna’s birthday rolled around again but this time, the candles were extra fiery and dangerous!

The girls put all of the candles to face each other so that the fire can be taller than the cake itself!

To follow their tradition of crazy weird – I mean, creative – candle-work, Jimin gifted Seolhyun with a birthday “cake” with a huge scented candle at the top!

Seolhyun just had to top that gag as she reciprocated the love with a simple “candle” and cake for Jimin’s birthday that soon followed hers!

It was literally just a lollipop stuck in a cookie!

AOA proved once again that they’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to thinking outside of the box for each members’ birthdays!

What new birthday idea will they come up with next?!

Source: Nate Pann