AOA’s Chanmi Reveals How She Lost 7 Pounds In 5 Days

She shared the pros and cons of her diet.

AOA‘s Chanmi has revealed how she lost 7 pounds in 5 days through a short-term diet plan.

On May 31st, Chanmi shared the video diary of her diet on her YouTube channel, “likeCHANMI”.


She stated that she intends to show viewers her before/after of doing a juice cleanse. She began with a weight of 52.7kg (116lbs).

When we’re promoting, I try to keep to 48kg and when we’re not, I try not to surpass 51kg.

ㅡ Chanmi


In this diet, Chanmi drank 6 bottles of the detox juice per day for 5 days and exercised a total of 2 hours per day doing 1 hour of personal training/weight lifting and 1 hour of cardio.


After the first day, Chanmi described that she felt dizzy when she woke up but that she did not feel very hungry.

I was dizzy when I woke up. But I didn’t really feel hungry. It was doable.

ㅡ Chanmi


The second day, Chanmi confessed that it was getting hard and that she felt very tired.

It’s hard. I lost 1kg. I reduced the weights I lift and I felt like I had no energy. I was also constantly hungry.

ㅡ Chanmi


She also advised that the diet would not be suitable for those who need to chew something in order to feel like they’ve eaten.

I think it’ll be super hard for people who need to chew something to feel like they’ve eaten.

ㅡ Chanmi


On the brighter side, she explained that the diet has made her go to the restroom more often and that her skin had gotten better.


But she explained that the diet was simply too hard and that she would not do this again.

I’m not happy at all. Even though I lost weight, I’m not happy at all.

ㅡ Chanmi


After reaching 49.3kg (108.6lbs) after 5 days, Chanmi explained that she has returned to 51kg (112lbs) on her 7th day after she began eating both regular food and the detox juices and concluded that you cannot maintain the weight after losing through a short-term diet.


She also organized a list of pros and cons for her viewers and her overall review of the diet. Check out Chanmi’s full video below:

Source: Youtube


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