AOA’s Chanmi Was Raised by a Mother Who Didn’t Have Much Money but Had a Lot of Heart

Chanmi used to resent her mother as a kid, but she now looks up to her after becoming an adult.

AOA‘s Chanmi didn’t grow up in a well-off household, but online communities are calling her a “diamond spoon” for having a mother with a lot of heart.

Before Chanmi debuted with AOA in 2009, she appeared in KBS’s Human Documentary with her mother where she shared her life story.

The show revealed that after divorcing her husband who got into a lot of private loan debt, Chanmi’s mother raised her family on her own while managing a small hair salon.

And despite her own hardships, Chanmi’s mother even provided food and a place to sleep for runaway youth.

I ran away once, too. If someone reached their hand out to me then, I would have followed. But no one did.

– Chanmi’s mother

But regarding this good deed, Chanmi once confessed that she was upset that they couldn’t get out of poverty because they were too busy helping other people.

When I was little, we were struggling so much that I couldn’t even ask my mom to buy me anything. When the other kids came to my mom and said they were hungry, I got mad.

– Chanmi

Chanmi even revealed that the reason why she wanted to become an idol was so that she could start making money.

But once Chanmi became an adult, she realized just how amazing her mother was and has been referring to her as the person she looks up to ever since.

Source: Insight