AOA’s Mina Once Told Her CEO Off Right To His Face

This must’ve taken some guts… or at least a few shots of “liquid courage”.

Oh, how alcohol can make us do things we would otherwise never do! During a recent radio interview, AOA‘s Mina looked back to the time when she had one too many drinks and told off her agency FNC Entertainment‘s CEO Han Sung Ho.


Mina explained, while this happened years ago, she still gets asked about it because it was such a shocking moment for everyone who was there.


It was at an afterparty, following a successful AOA concert, where Han Seong Ho and Mina both got a bit drunk. The CEO reached out to Mina and complained about how he was having a hard time.

“He said, ‘I’m so exhausted, Mina.’ I guess he was hoping I would tell him everything will be okay.” — Mina


Unfortunately, Mina wasn’t quite herself either. She snapped back at the CEO, not in “jondaetmal (존댓말, honorific Korean)” as she normally would speak to him, but in complete “banmal (반말, informal Korean)”.

“From what I hear, I told him off for complaining like that. I told him he’s not the only one who’s exhausted and that we’re even more exhausted.” — Mina


Her fellow agency-mates, FTISLAND‘s Lee Hongki and CNBLUE‘s Jung Yong Hwa, later reminded her of what she did. While Mina feared the CEO would be upset with her, Han Seong Ho only vaguely remembered and laughed it off.

“I got lucky because the CEO didn’t remember everything that happened. Instead, he just kept calling me his ‘buddy’. I thought I’d be in trouble, but I’ve actually grown closer to the CEO since then.” — Mina


Upon hearing the details of what happened, the radio show host comedian Kim Shin Young concluded that it was for the better, since it allowed Mina and the group to get along better with the boss!

Source: Dispatch