Seolhyun’s Killer Collarbones Took the Spotlight at Her Most Recent Event Appearance

It’s impossible to look away.

Seolhyun recently appeared at a luxury good event located in Seoul, Korea where she looked dazzling as ever while dressed in all black.

The dress she wore at the event was an off-the-shoulder that made her killer collarbones stand out more than ever before.


Everything about Seolhyun looked absolutely stunning, but it was also difficult to look away from her collarbones, which inevitably became the star of the show.

Whether she posed with her shoulders stretched wide…

Or flashed the most beautiful smile toward the cameras…

Seolhyun showed to have the most killer collarbones, perhaps in the entire Korean entertainment industry.

Check out some more photos of Seolhyun’s gorgeous collarbones below:

Source: Dispatch