AOA’s Jimin Jokes That Seolhyun Thinks She’s The Center Of The Universe

She explains why.

On November 23, AOA appeared on JTBC‘s Knowing Bros. There, Jimin joked about how Seolhyun thinks she’s the center of the universe.

aoa knowing bros

She recalls how a few days before the shoot, all the members of AOA went to support member Yuna and her musical. Their fans also went to support the member. She remembers how Seolhyun reacted when she saw the fans.

Seolhyun saw the fans and went, “How did they know we were coming today?”

aoa seolhyun

The question shocked Jimin, and she reminded Jimin that the fans came to see Yuna. Seolhyun replied with, “Oh, is that so?” It seems Jimin was amused by the fact and started joking that Seolhyun must think she truly is the center of the universe!

seolhyun 20

AOA will be making their comeback with “Come See Me” on November 26, 2019.

Source: Dispatch
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