AOA’s Seolhyun Is Praised For Supporting Feminist Posts On Instagram

Women are here for it.

On September 3, netizens noticed that AOA‘s Seolhyun liked two feminist posts on Instagram that talked about the differences between men and women.

The post read, “Because you’re a woman, you’re sentenced to prison. Because you’re a man, you get a probation.”

Netizens believe the woman the post is talking about is Go Yujung. She is suspected of murdering her ex-husband but was known by friends for not being violent. They compared her case to a man (only known as “Kim-ssi”) who is suspected of murdering another person using a meat grinder.

Netizens are furious that the woman’s entire personal identity was revealed to the public but the man’s full name and face were protected.

Fans are praising Seolhyun for supporting women’s rights through the posts, even at the risk of losing male fans.

I like her even more after seeing this.

– Korean Netizen

Seolhyun has a bunch of male fans so this is not something easy to do as a celebrity. I support her even more now.

– Korean Netizen

What do you think of Seolhyun liking the posts?

Source: Nate