Aori Ramen’s Sales Have Been Completely Devastated By Seungri’s Scandal

A store owner said he can’t even face his staff anymore.

On a broadcast of MBC’s News Desk the extent of the damage done to Aori Ramen‘s sales was revealed. We already knew that their various stores around the country were looking a lot more empty than before but now the extent of the damage has been clarified.

Despite Seungri resigning from his executive position and the business cutting all ties with him, sales are still in trouble. It has proved very difficult to disassociate the brand Aori Ramen with “Seungri’s ramen restaurant”.

According to News Desk, the sales of Aori Ramen have dropped over 70% since the scandal broke. They spoke to a store-owner of an Aori Ramen chain, he is devastated by the developments:

It’s like a dream. Something unimaginable has happened. I can’t even face the staff

– Aori Ramen store owner

Some store owners have resorted to posting disclaimers that their store is not related to Seungri at all. The main headquarters of the business has promised to return franchise fees to aggrieved store owners but has yet to do so.

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