Netizens Share What Aori Ramen Restaurants Look like Following Seungri’s Scandal

Uh oh…

In recent days, netizens have been sharing photos of Aori Ramen restaurants and how they currently look on the inside following the escalation of Seungri‘s scandal.

Before the incident, it was common for customers to wait in a long line before snagging a seat at the popular ramen chain. But the recent photos show the restaurants to be quiet and empty.

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On March 15, Aori Ramen announced the termination of their relationship with Seungri and Yuri Holdings in order to protect their brand image.

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According to the company, the restaurants managed by Seungri’s friends and family have also decided to close down.

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There are no officially released statistics as of yet, but from how it seems in the photos, it appears that business at Aori Ramen has slowed down significantly.

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Aori Ramen established their first Korean restaurant back in 2016, and they currently have 44 locations in Korea and 4 locations abroad as of date.


Source: Insight