Apink’s Bomi Knitted Dainty Little Scarves for All of Her Fellow Members

Bomi made them all different colors to suit her fellow members.

Earlier this month, Apink‘s Eunji took to her Instagram live to share, “Bomi is knitting me a scarf. I don’t care what color it is. I’ll love anything Bomi makes me.


Well, it looks like the project is complete because Chorong, Naeun, Hayoung, and Eunji just posted the dainty scarves they received from Bomi through their Instagram accounts.

Chorong posted a video of Bomi knitting along with a photo of the final product.

And on the same day, Naeun also posted a photo of her beautiful new scarf.

Hayoung joined in as well with a selfie to express her gratitude for the gorgeous gift.

And Eunji shared a group photo showing all of the members flaunting their new dainty scarves.

What especially stands out about the scarves is the fact that they’re small and cute, while also being different colors to suit her fellow individual members.

Fans are responding to Bomi’s gifts with comments such as “That’s so beautiful“, “That’s our Apink“, and “Just looking at the photos makes me warm“.

Source: Insight