Apink’s Bomi Picks The 2 Rookie Girl Groups That Are Her Favorites

Both of the groups have caught major attention from fans.

Almost reaching their eleventh year since their debut, Apink has seen many idol groups in their career. With current rookie groups in mind, Bomi choose the two girl groups that caught her eye.

Bomi | @Apink_2011/Twitter

During a fan Q&A, one of the questions asked Bomi who her favorite singer was. Three groups instantly came to her mind.

The first group was SM Entertainment‘s four-member group aespa that debuted in 2020.

The second group also debuted in 2020 but from HighUp Entertainment. Bomi named the six-member group STAYC.

Since Bomi is friends with Hyungwon, she couldn’t go without showing MONSTA X some love as one of her favorite groups.

Although she only named a few, Bomi shared that she loves “many idol groups.” From being an idol for over ten years, she knows more than anyone how hard idols work to release music.