Apink Bomi’s Brother Impressed Everyone With His Vocals On “I Can See Your Voice”

Talent runs in the family!

Apink‘s guest appearance on the hit Mnet show I Can See Your Voice 7 aired on February 7.

To the surprise of everyone, Bomi‘s brother, Jongjin, appeared on screen to vouch for one of the contestants.

[Contestant Yoonjae] is great at acting and singing.

– Yoon Jongjin

When the moment of truth came for Jongjin’s friend, the studio was filled with shock yet again when Jongjin himself came to perform a duet.

Bomi’s brother delivered his lines perfectly, showing off his training as a soon-to-be musical actor.

Bomi couldn’t help but laugh disbelievingly, looking shy but encouraging the entire time.

Both talent and visuals seem to run in the family!

Watch the full performance below:


Source: Mnet