Apink’s Eunji Packed the Sweetest Lunch Box for Her Little Brother’s College Entrance Exam

Eunji is really the best big sister.

Apink‘s Jung Eunji recently shared a photo of a cute lunch box she made for her little brother ahead of his college entrance exam.


The photo shows a container filled with small fried tofu rice balls along with the caption, “High school senior’s lunch box.


As sweet as this is, many fans are not surprised by the gesture because of how close they’re known to be as siblings.


In a past show, Eunji confessed that she financially supports her little brother’s education.

I make enough to support my little brother. He’s a senior in high school, and I pay for all of his education expenses.

– Eunji

They’re so close that her little brother even appeared on Apink’s variety show.

Fans who saw this responded with admiration through comments such as “Wow, I’m so jealous“, “While my sister…“, and “Having Eunji as a sister must really power him up“.

Source: Dispatch