Apink Jung Eunji’s Interview About How She Grew Numb To Hate Resurfaces

“There have been so many times that my heart completely shattered…”

A little over a year ago, Apink’s Jung Eunji graced the YouTube series Mic Impact and was interviewed by her own fan. And her reaction to one of the questions about her “strong heart” is now resurfacing, since the tragic news of Goo Hara passing.


The interviewer commented, “It feels like you have a very strong heart that can handle anything.” When asked to share how she came to be that way, Jung Eunji answered it might be thanks to it constantly breaking.

I think that my heart broke so many times, that it has become that much stronger.

— Jung Eunji


Eunji explained, “There have been so many times that my heart completely shattered.” While it was not specifically pinpointed down to it, viewers could assume that Eunji meant her previous encounters with malicious comments and haters.


Eunji casually mentioned that it was, essentially, repetition that made her stronger — or more numb — to these heartbreaks.

You go through something like that countless times… it becomes numbing.

— Jung Eunji


The interviewer, along with all K-Pop fans watching on, teared up at the thought of everything Jung Eunji must have gone through to become this “immune” — although it isn’t immunity at all.

Jung Eunji: Why are you crying?
Interviewer: I feel like it must have been so hard for you…
Jung Eunji: Oh no! I’m fine! Aww…!


With the recent tragic events in the industry, fans are coming together to stand against this most threatening “malicious commenting culture” in K-Pop.

Watch the full video here: